About eZLabs

eZLabs is a team of experienced & dedicated professionals, working with a single minded focus on bringing to you Industry Best Practices in Diagnostic Lab Management at an affordable price.

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Simplifying Lab Management

At eZLabs, we feel that technology helps in levelling out the market. It is agreed that adopting latest technology & keeping it updated has become essential. However, there is this myth that all this comes at a high cost...and hence, most SME segment labs do not consider this as an option. We, at eZLabs, are breaking that myth. We bring the latest tech to your labs at an affordable cost. We help you face your bigger competitors without having to worry about technolgy or scalabilty.

JK Kulkarni
Managing Director

eZ Labs brings wordclass software for medical diagnostic labs.

eZLabs has been derived from a market experience of more than 20 years in the healthcare industry. Over the last 20 years, our teams have acquired extensive experience in providing IT services & products to various healthcare delivery organisations including hospitals, poly-clinics, pharmacies & labs.
Drawing from this vast experience, eZLabs brings to you industry best practices in diagnostic lab management. eZLabs gives you the required simplicity & security to manage and monitor your lab's business while ensuring that your processes still remain scalable to help you grow without having to worry about your process scalability.
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